Andrew Ashling (andrew_ashling) wrote,
Andrew Ashling

Goodreads' new guidelines for reviews and authors

One day after came out of beta, Goodreads amends its review policy, and launches new review guidelines and author guidelines.

In the author guidelines, Goodreads states explicitly:

"Goodreads is a place for all kinds of booklovers, and that includes authors. There are many ways you, as a Goodreads Author, can participate in the community. We hope that you enjoy using the site, and that Goodreads also helps more readers discover your books."

There is quite a debate going on about the new policy. At the time of writing, and about 3 hours after having been made public, the thread has over 300 comments. No surprise there: Goodreads has already deleted a lot of reviews and bookshelves that go against the new policy, without giving readers the chance to download and save them.
Tags: bookikes, goodreads, self-publishing
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