Andrew Ashling (andrew_ashling) wrote,
Andrew Ashling

Free Antholgy: Stories on the Go

Cover Anthology Stories on the Go

Stories on the Go is an anthology of 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors.

The idea was launched by Hugh Howey of WOOL-fame on Kboards, a forum for kindle readers with an active — well, turbulent — community of indie writers. It is a collection of very short stories, thousand words or less, by very different authors who write in many genres. There is, besides the usual Table of Contents, and Index by Author and an Index by Genre. There are a few gay/m-m stories besides my own.

Somehow I ended up coordinating this project which aims to give you an idea of recent indie writing.

Oh… and you can download the ebook for free on several vendors.

Amazon (in most regions — Attention: every Amazon site can put the book free or not at their own discretion)
Apple iTunes (everywhere)
Barnes&Noble (everywhere)
Kobo (everywhere)
Inktera (everywhere)
Scribd (everywhere)
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