Andrew Ashling (andrew_ashling) wrote,
Andrew Ashling

First installment of free story "Lee-Lack's Gold" published

I published the first installment of my story Lee-Lack's Gold on my site.

There is also a General Introduction.

The stories are set in the world of Anaxantis. They run parallel to the events related in the trilogy The Invisible Chains and the sequel quadrilogy The Invisible Hands.

These are the tales of some characters who have left the main story line as told in the first seven books. It isn’t strictly necessary to have read those, but if you haven’t, you might miss some subtle references. I tried to make these stories stand on their own. That means that if you have read the first seven books, some events will be familiar to you, though they will be told from a different perspective.

The installments will be regularly published and are free to read. You can check the website, or, on the landing page, subscribe to the blog posts (fourth box down in the right column) to receive email notification when a new installment is published. Each email contains an unsubscribe link.
When the story is finished it will stay up for a few weeks, then it will be published as an ebook.

I hope you'll enjoy Lee-Lack's Gold.
Tags: announcement, dark tales of randamor the recluse, free story, lee-lack's gold, pirates of the ronicerian isles, web serial

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